Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Letter to a Worried Parent

To a mother of a bright child in New Hampshire:

Ever since its inception (around 1850), the government school system has waged a constant war against both children and parents, and against all communities. The war is between the desires of parents for their children and the opposing needs of the State to produce a docile, predictable (not-too-well educated) "workforce" to serve the economy and the military.

Once a parent places a child in government school, the differences appear, and the longer the child stays, the more apparent they become. Quite simply, the school is not on your side in the war over your child's mind. Homeschooling begins when a parent realizes that the state has goals for children that are opposite to their own. Thus, homeschooling is almost always for positive reasons since it reconciles the child's needs (and interests) with his/her life experience. In homeschooling, the child serves his/her own needs, not primarily those of the state.

Your bad experience with the schools regarding your son is typical of many. The public school system, whatever its employees may tell you, is not interested in individuals and their progress toward their "personal best." That is all hype. The system is designed from the top down to be a "one-size-fits-all" factory style grinder turning out a pre-designed mass of citizens, not individuals inspired to reach their individual potential. Dumbing down is not a catch phrase or an accident; it is the national policy. (You can look it up in John Taylor Gatto's great book, "The Underground History of American Education"). Remember, the employees do not work for you or your children; they all work for the state, and serve the state's needs only.

In general, public schools ignore bright children. Helping high achievers is simply not on the agenda of the public schools. A student who wants or needs special attention must depend on individual employees -- in some cases breaking school/union rules. Luckily, such employees exist and are helping a few children, but it is at the risk of their jobs in many cases. The state wants a middle mass of citizens coming from its schools -- not exceptional, creative independent thinkers.

Start homeschooling now. Have no fear. You do not need a particular motive or reason, they are all good.

All best wishes,
Ned Vare
send for info packet: nedvare@ntplx.net

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Congratulations on your son's engagement!