Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Ideal VS the Reality

Not so long ago, when towns reached a population with fifty children and its people wanted to start a school, they got together and hired a teacher. A teacher would be expected to teach up to about fifty children of different ages and abilities. In those days (until the early 1800s), America's literacy rate was the highest the world had ever seen.

But a strange thing happened. The federal government, in about 1840, started its push to bring universal schooling to the entire population. It was begun with forcing the people of Massachusetts to send their children to government-run schools. There was much protest there and in many other places that lasted well into the 20th century, but the feds finally gained control over the great majority of our children. The goal was never education, but it was uniformity and docility in the creation of a dependent "workforce" to serve industry and the military. Plain and simple: the government wanted slaves. It still does.

Today, in government schooling, the schools hire approximately ten employees for every fifty students, and the literacy rate is far below earlier levels, even though the children attend the school for more hours a day and more days per year than in earlier times. What is going on?

Not only is public school designed as an indoctrination program, primarily teaching children to be obedient to authority, but it is also serving as an employment scheme, hiring millions of not-well-educated people in dozens of capacities, only a few of which are educational. In the process, the academic part of schooling has been all but eliminated, resulting in what today is called "dumbing down."

Thus, public school has taken on its true purposes: baby sitting, social engineering, job training, and a hiring kingdom, with its goal: an entire society working toward government control over society. Yes, that is the dream of Socialist planners in the last century. It is coming true. And the truly remarkable part is that the planners have, all along, sent the bill to us. The tab is now over ten thousand dollars per year per child.


Traceytreasure said...

This does not surprise me. It's so sad and it makes me mad. Your blog is so full of important information. Thank you very much.

Blog Antagonist said...

Tracy was kind enough to direct me here, knowing that I am currently engaged in a battle with school administration on my son's behalf. I have read quite a bit and find myself nodding emphatically. It's so refreshing to hear your perspective. I live in the South where kowtowing to authority is an art form. Nobody wants to rock the boat, nobody wants to upset the apple cart. This Mama has absolutely no problem doing either for her very smart but learning disabled child. Thank you for validating my instincts.

Ned Vare said...

I appreciate both of your comments.
It surprises me, too, that parents everywhere are not up in arms against what is happening to their kids and to this country.